We are a beekeepers' family that we had the illusion of doing a Rural House, which was dedicated to the beekeeping for a tradition people was this apícola.

After having acquired the house in the old part of the town, which for years had lodged the first bar that existed in the municipality and after many years of being closed, we have rehabilitated it at present to pass to the RURAL HOUSE L'ARTESÀ.

The house is an old building of thick walls of stone that has been rehabilitated thoroughly and dedication respecting the biggest number of original elements, that it grants as a cozy and rustic place, in which are combined stone, wood and forge bring together, creating an agreeable and familiar ambience that it invites to a few days of rest, tasting our home-made kitchen and meditarránea, all this accompanied by a careful attention and a quality service in which detail is not missing on the part of the owners.

The RURAL HOUSE L'ARTESÀ offers you the possibility of knowing one of the most beautiful natural places of the Castellón province, placed in full nature reserve of the SAW OF ESPADÁN.